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The buttocks reversal rule in Nigerian universities

The buttocks spoke to its owner, a lady well-endowed on the backside. However, other parts are in commensurable proportions in loudness though the backside is louder and more conspicuous. The buttocks having discovered its weight and importance to the lady decided or suggested that it was high time it became the head in order to be at the front to lead. ‘After all, I have been the one giving you all the attractions you have always got, ’the buttocks spoke loudly. This sounds democratic or capitalist if you like; the bigger in number and size should lead. The lady got confused and asked the buttocks‘ but you cannot think; how will you then lead?’ The buttocks responded and said‘ but I earn the grades and the money that make the people around you think the head is functioning.’ On that basis, the lady allowed the buttocks to be the head and the head became the buttocks. The sad end was that the lady began to move backward whenever she wanted to move forward. The front of the back is the back, if you must know.

Such is the case of the Nigerian university system and the high rate of sexually transmitted grades (STG) and sexually transmitted degrees (STD). The system goes further backward every moment a grade is awarded on the basis of the ‘buttocks reversal rule’ and the society loses the more whenever a degree is awarded from the rule. One can only bow in shame being part of this system where the powerful pawn on the powerless.

As a university undergraduate at the university of Benin years ago, it was only rumoured that some lecturers are in the habit of forcefully demanding sex from the female students. My thinking then was that there was an intentional plan to soil the name of these intellectuals. However, having left the school and gone ahead to other universities in the country for graduate studies and now as a teacher in a university, I cannot help but affirm the rumour; it is true. The buttocks have taken over the action of thinking. At the moment, it looks like ‘an entitlement thing.’ Many male lecturers see the female students as the fringe benefit where some call it ‘the bush allowance.’

There are many sides to this though. Let us take a look at an undergraduate as an adult; an undergraduate should actually be an adult. Children do not come to the universities. The male lecturer is also an adult, maybe a super adult. If the moral capacity of a male lecturer cannot stop him from admiring the female students for whatever reasons, he should walk up to the female student for a formal proposal. The female student can in turn reject or accept. In the case of the former, life moves on. This might not be a popular opinion though considering the fact that a lecturer is like a role model to the students. The lecturer could exert a higher moral power to convince the lady for such amorous escapades. However, with a situation like this, the best one can get is a mutual relationship which could be healthy on a campus depending on how it is managed. It would be wrong to rule out such possibilities knowing fully well that both the male lecturers and female students are humans.

If you feel so bad about that, take a careful look at some of your male lecturers in the past, many of them got married to their former students. Some bosses engage in mutual relationships with their subordinates. Many of the relationships started fairly from the scenario portrayed above. This has not been the problem of the Nigerian universities when it comes to male lecturers demanding sex from students. The problem has been and still remains male lecturers forcefully demanding sex from the female students in order to get better grades. There is a thin line between both situations. The forceful demand for sex has got to the level of slavery. A female student pays for the hotel, buys the drink and the food to be taken before the ‘sexual re-examination.’

At the end, some of the male lecturers would still fail the female student on the basis that they did not enjoy the act; hence, there should be a re-match. Some of them become meaner by telling other randy male lecturers to fail such a female student. They would then promise to beg on their behalf; a promise that would be paid for in kind. It becomes darker when the female student in question refuses ‘to play ball.’ Many female students in such situations had to spend extra years before graduation and it seems normal in the Nigerian university system. The irony of it all is that in most cases, the female students in question cannot actually pass the courses on the basis of what is written in the examination hall. So, for the few advocates of clean scores in a particular university, there is a herculean task of trying to investigate why the female student failed apart from the official reasons provided by the randy male lecturer.

The fight is fairly easier for a female student that is intelligent and can be proven in the answer booklets. Few in such situations have been investigated and positively awarded the right grades.No matter how a female tries covering the body, it was created naturally by God to attract and arouse men. This completely knocks off the idea of improper dressing on campus as the reason for the buttocks reversal rule. In fact, a good and audacious buttocks cannot be hidden. Some would even say the more she tries to hide it with a ‘proper’ dressing, the more conspicuous it becomes. This is not making a case for improper or nude dressing on campuses but embracing the fact that there is a need to control emotion on the part of the male lecturers because the university would always be the crème de la crème of beautiful ladies. The head should be allowed to earn grades for females; not their buttocks.
Idegbekwe wrote from department of English, University of Africa, Toru-Orua, Bayelsa State.

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